It’s all start with an

“ How can I build my extra income through the latest online trend? “
“ Why can’t we learn through online ? ”
“ Can’t we give educator better platform to generate income? ”
“ What if we could make earning just more easier? ”
” How if I can generate income while learning?”

Okay, it started with several questions and the idea has come.
Those questions led to a technopreneur and a team of professional educator starting this company. 

The timely reason for embracing and executing DCOM’s Journey to success is because, Covid pandemic and global recession have changed the business world forever, creating a new norm TRI-BRID business model incorporating a new way of doing business.

Why E-Learning & Global Market

During the COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the growth of various industries, the immediate impact of the outbreak is varied. While a few industries will register a drop in demand, numerous others will continue to remain unscathed and show promising growth opportunities.

Through the latest market research report titled Global Online Education Market. The Global Online Education Market is set to reach at least US$ 10 Trillion by 2030!

Why Not E-Learning?

How we can benefits from E-Learning & global market

Self Enhancement

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Wealth Creation

Earning while Learning

“Previously there were a thousand men to every opportunity, now there are a thousand opportunity to every man.”

Global Network

Leverage with the leading global digital commerce platform & build your pipeline income


Education & Training


Skills & Knowledges


Global Market


Wealth Creation

D – Development (Education & Training)
Throughout the D- DEVELOPMENT, our independent business partner can easily follow the standardised, step by step simple & duplicable and proven success system to achieve their target!

C – Creation (Skills & Knowledge)
Learn from the best, supplement your learning with mentorship & guidance designed around your busy life & schedule with over 100 fulltime educators 365 days.

ONLY with our E-Learning App ReSkills!
Education is the best weapon that can change the world!

O – Opportunity (Global Market)
DCOM Global Opportunity ensure the success by incorporating the one global D’Biz System that is supported by the complete DCOM Ecosystem. Our target is 3 Billion new young market worldwide as well as another estimated 3 Billion experienced matured market!

M – Money (Wealth Creation)
Let the D’Biz System work for you! By diligently following and executing the D’Biz System, It Guarantees every independent business partners to earn more money faster & easier! Therefore, you starting to build your Income! 


DCOM Strategic Action Plan (Our Ecosystem)

This strategic action plan to achieve your financial freedom goal, is to acquire our independent business partner with our global
E-Learning business platform – ReSkills; backup by DCOM Ecosystem, consisting of D’Biz system, D’Event, ReSkills, D’Smart, D’Store, D’Pay,
D’Academy, D’Sky Lounge, Empowering Youth, & Charity Learning Festival.

How D’Biz System Work for you

D’Biz System’s training program is wisely designed to lay a solid foundation for every new business builder by focusing on the most
important 3 initial business building steps!

People Building

Business Building

Inspiration Building

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