Corporate Meeting | May

Wrapped up our May DCOM Monthly Corporate Meeting Update with an inspired update to all our DCOM Consultants, Partners & Shareholders. This meeting was participated by almost 150 DCOM Consultants throughout different states and countries through FULLY VIRTUAL! Congratulations to all the DCOM Learning Consultants who achieve the TOP DOWNLOAD AWARD & TOP RECRUITMENT AWARD! You all are so amazing! Thank you, DCOMmers for your initiative and attendance.“Achieving success, by raising people!”

  Congratulation to all Winner of the Top Recruitment Award  

Top Recruitment Award | Champion
Top Recruitment Award | 1st Runner-Up
Top Recruitment Award | 2nd Runner-Up

  Congratulation to all Winner of the Top Download Award  

Top Download Award | Champion

Anson Yap
21 years old

Total Income in 1 month
US$ 5,989.50

Top Download Award | 1st Runner-Up

Wan Qian Le
19 years old

Total income in 1 month

Top Download Award | 2nd Runner-Up

Lee Mei Hui
19 years old

Total income in 1 month

We can do it, Why You Can’t

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