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What if we told you that you could build a

successful and prosperous consulting business,

while making huge

positive changes in the lives of others?

DCOM’s vision is to help people start and grow their own financially successful consulting business globally, allowing them to make huge positive changes in the lives of others. We offer events and programs, both online and offline, so that people can reach their potential and live vibrant and happy lives.


We train DCOM Learning Consultants so they can start and grow a financially successful consulting business while making a huge positive difference for others.

Every day, we meet good people who feel that they were meant for much more. That they were meant to achieve great financial success. They have the passion to help others succeed, too.

If you want to build and grow a consulting business, but you don’t have the capital, product or skills, the good news is that we can support you.

Today, DCOM Learning Consultants are enriching people’s lives all around the world.
If you have a burning desire to start a business, and you are passionate about uplifting and raising others, then we are the correct partner for you.

We believe that most people
do not realize their full potential because they don’t have access to the correct mentors who can teach them the relevant skills so that they can achieve the lives they want.

Personal Development and E-learning are emerging industries. But quality education is very costly, and this is a significant barrier for many who are looking to upskill themselves.

By guiding people to the correct Mentors on ReSkills, DCOM Learning Consultants help them learn directly from the best minds, 365 days a year, at affordable prices.


See what they say?

“In DCOM that always an opportunity for everyone to become better themself”

Linx | DCOM Learning Consultant

“In DCOM that always an opportunity for everyone to become better themself”

Quinee | DCOM Learning Consultant

“对我而言DCOM 这个平台不只是教会了我如何赚钱,它也让我边学习边成长,还能扩大自己的圈子“

千乐 | DCOM Learning Consultant


Jun Da | DCOM Learning Consultant

“透过DCOM 我学习到了自我改变 自我突发 自我增值的一些能力,然后我也慢慢变得更好的自己了,我很感谢认识到DCOM,更荣幸可以加入到DCOM,成为DCOM的一员!”

Asther | DCOM Learning Consultant

“在DCOM 我感觉我慢慢突破了自我,以前我不大爱讲话,可是现在我就慢慢一点一点的比较爱讲话一点点,DCOM,成为DCOM,我慢慢的突破自己慢慢的成长!”

-Carene | DCOM Learning Consultant

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