Friday Fun Night | Smash The Shuttle

Apart from the exercise or the fun factor and the competitive spirit, there is a lot more to be learnt and prepare for life & business field. It’s a vital part of the development, take the lesson into the areas of life.Here’s some of the core value we want to share to you:-

1) Be Passionate
If you’re not passionate enough, you’re never going to achieve anything.

2) Goal setting
Set your targets and work towards it. You need to know what you want to achieve in life.

3) Perseverance
Try and try again until you succeed. There is no reason why it cannot be done. And if it hasn’t be done before, well you’re just going to have to be the first one to do it.

4) Team spirit
None of us are stronger than all of us. Enough said.

5) No excuse
Your excuse might be valid but excuses don’t win titles. Throw your excuse away. You have no use for it.Once you’ve learnt your lessons, don’t stop. Because, like we always said, getting better never stops in DCOM!

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